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The Mark I

The Mark I is an expedition-worthy foldable kayak. Its design and construction features make this the perfect folding single kayak for those who prefer stability in unknown conditions, making it the perfect foldable boat for extended wilderness trips, sailing, fishing, or daily cruising. The Mark I can easily accommodate a larger body type and extra gear. It also provides stability, maneuverability, and speed. Combining these qualities with Long Haul’s legendary strength and reliability gives paddlers the ultimate confidence in their vessel, whether they are at the local lake or on the Mackenzie River headed towards the Arctic Circle.

Boat Specs

Weight: Classic 69 lbs/ 31 kg | Expedition 72 lbs / 33 kg

Length: 190″ / 483cm

Beam: 28″ / 71″

Depth: 15″ / 38cm

Capacity: 600 lbs / 272 kg

Cockpit: 15″ x 45″

Pack Size: 2 bags


The Mark I features our craftsman-built ash and birch frame dipped in four coats of sealer and varnish creating a beautiful, hard, and long-lasting finish. The hull is made of the finest black Hypalon rubber, a time-tested product that is known for its legendary strength and durability.

You may choose a fabric deck of either our cotton (blue, red, olive, mint, or black) or the SeaMark material (blue, red, burgundy, forest green, or black).


All hulls are tailored to your specifications. Some of the custom features available include: lifeline, extra D-rings, tie-downs, full set keel strips, bow and/or stern oval deck hatch, zippered loading deck hatch bow and/or stern.

The Mark I Classic Package – $3,905


LHBP-101 Mark I Kayak Packages include:

  • Mark I Model Kayak
  • Set of two travel bags
  • Longren packing sleeve
  • Sling seat
  • Velcro tuck-under spray cover
  • Foot brace
  • Complete rudder assembly

The Mark I Expedition Package – $4,515


LHBP-102 Mark I Expedition Kayak Packages include:

  • Mark I Expedition Model Kayak
  • Spray cover of your choice
  • Set of 3 classic packing bags
  • Longren packing sleeve
  • Sling seat
  • Lifeline
  • Foot brace
  • Complete rudder assembly
  • Keelstrips
  • Oval deck hatches
  • Bow and stem grab handles
  • Paddle tie downs

Mark I Assembly

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